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Mary Weatherford The Neon Paintings

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$ 60.00 | £ 40.00

Hardcover, Linen with jacket ISBN: 978-3-7913-5588-7

Date of publication:
US September 01, 2016
UK September 01, 2016
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Mary Weatherford is quickly becoming one of the most prominent artists of her generation. Since the beginning of her career she has rooted her abstract painting in subjective experience and brought a feminist perspective to what is perhaps the defining category of modern and contemporary art, breaking down preconceived notions of scale, technical achievement, and formal progress. Weatherford accents the surface of her recent luminous paintings and installations with neon lighting fixtures, to evoke the dynamic nature of city-life. This gorgeous book presents all of Weatherford’s neon works to date, along with informative essays and an interview with the artist.

ROBERT FAGGEN is the Barton Evans and H. Andrea Neves Professor of Literature at Claremont McKenna College and Director of the Gould Center for Humanistic Studies. KATY SIEGEL is Professor of Art History at Hunter College, New York, and Chief Curator, Hunter College Galleries. JENNIFER LYNN PETERSON is Associate Professor of Film Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

With contributions from Katy Siegel, Jennifer Lynn Peterson

Hardcover, Linen with jacket, 218 pages, 24,8 x 30,0 cm, 109 color illustrations

ISBN: 978-3-7913-5588-7

$ 60.00 | £ 40.00

Publishing House: Prestel

Date of publication:
US September 01, 2016
UK September 01, 2016