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This opulent book reaches back 25,000 years to trace the history of jewelry from the Paleolithic era to the present day.

Drawn from the extensive holdings of the Staatliche Museen in Berlin, this collection of jewelry through the ages links cultures and eras to show how the design, wearing, and collecting of personal adornment has evolved over the ages. Many of these beautiful pieces are presented for the first time in book form. They range from classic items such as necklaces, rings, and earrings to less common items with origins in non-European cultures. The book features jewelry ranging from the splendid crowns of ancient Greece, gold earrings from Babylon, and jeweled collars worn by 13th-century Islamic royalty to more modern pieces such as those contained in the imperial collection of Queen Louise of Prussia, Art Nouveau jewelry designed by René Lalique, and work by contemporary designers. This chronologically arranged survey includes numerous brief essays and nearly 400 illustrations with detailed captions, making it an ideal reference for anyone interested in cultural history, the history of jewelry, or the art and craft of jewelry making.

With photographs from Stefan Büchner
Hardcover with jacket, 384 pages, 24x31, 400 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-5297-8
US August 12, 2013
UK July 18, 2013
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Maren Eichhorn-Johannsen, Dr. phil., studied art history and directs the department of Exhibitions and Special Events of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. For the project “Jewelry”, which encompasses the entire collection, permission was granted for work to take place in the Art Library of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

Adelheid Rasche, Dr. phil., studied History of Art and Romance Studies at the universities of Salzburg and Rheims. She was awarded a doctorate in 1987. Since 1990 she has been the Director of the Fashion Pictures Collection in the Lipperheide Costume Library (Art Library, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin). Her work has included numerous exhibitions, publications and research on the cultural history of clothing and fashion, the fashion and luxury industries, dance and fashion photography and fashion caricatures.

Svenia Schneider, Dr. Phil., is a historian of art and architecture and consultant to the Konstanz Science Forum (University of Konstanz). Before that she worked as a scientific museum assistant in the Fashion Pictures Collection of the Lipperheide Costume Library (Art Library, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin).

Maren Eichhorn-Johannsen
Adelheid Rasche

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