African Masks

Can You Spot the Leopard

African Masks
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In Africa, many peoples perform mask ceremonies on a variety of occasions. When a dancer dons his mask, he ceases to be himself, but takes on the qualities of another being or animal. His mask can make him appear happy, for a festival like a harvest celebration; sad, for a funeral; serious, when the land is threatened by drought; or even dangerous, when his people are trying to ward off evil spirits.

Children always enjoy role-playing, especially when they can transform themselves into someone so very different just by hiding behind a mask. This marvelous book lets you try on these works of art so that you too can discover Africa’s exciting and enjoyable cultural heritage. Using a selection of some of the finest known African masks as the focal point, the reader learns about the animals of Africa and their behavior, if they are dangerous, and how they are perceived by the peoples who live around them. The reader also learns how ‘dressing up’ and role-playing can be an important part of other religions---and how different animals are used by these cultures to represent a variety of things. Can You Spot the Leopard? African Masks takes the reader on an unusual adventure with the art of Africa.

Hardcover, 30 pages, 24,0 x 28,0 cm, 32 color illustrations, 16 b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-1874-5
US October 07, 1997
UK August 07, 1997
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