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This companion volume to an ambitious retrospective holds a mirror up to the iconic artist whose work so strongly reflected her life.

The life and work of Frida Kahlo were inextricably intertwined. This beautiful monograph celebrates the artist while exploringthe lesser-known aspects of her story. Reproductions ofKahlo’s paintings are accompanied by a series of illuminating essays that explore the artist’s private writings and the intense public interest in her life, the role of physical and mental suffering in the creative process, and the coded and double meanings hidden in so much of Kahlo’s work. In addition, a photographic essay compiled by her grandniece, Cristina Kahlo, features images from the family’s private collection. As an icon of female strength and suffering, Frida Kahlo has become something of an art world myth. This scholarly yet profoundly moving illustrated tribute to her life and work offers a measured perspective that rises above the noise of celebrity to discover the true artist and the truth of her art.

Hardcover with jacket, 256 pages, 24x28, 196 color illustrations, 83 b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-5010-3
US June 30, 2010
UK April 30, 2010
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Peter von Becker

Peter von Becker is a writer, was head of the cultural section of the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel and continues to write regularly for this section.

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Ingried Brugger

Ingried Brugger is Director of the Bank Austria Kunstforum, Vienna.

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Salomon Grimberg

Salomon Grimberg is a psychiatrist for children in Dallas and co-editor of the catalogue raisonné of Frida Kahlo's work.

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Cristina Kahlo

Cristina Kahlo is a photographer in Mexico City and Frida Kahlo's grandniece. She is curator for the photography section of the exhibition in which family-owned photographs will be shown.

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Arnoldo Kraus

Arnaldo Kraus is a physician in Mexico City.

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Helga Prignitz-Poda

Helga Prignitz-Poda is an art historian and specialist in Latin American studies and lives in Istanbul and Berlin. She is a co-editor of the catalogue raisonné of Frida Kahlo's work and curator of the exhibition.

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Francisco Reyes Palma

Francisco Reyes Palma is a historian, critic, and curator of Mexican art in Mexico City.

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Florian Steininger

Florian Steininger is a curator of the Bank Austria Kunstforum, Vienna.

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Jeanette Zwingenberger

Jeanette Zwingenberger is an art historian in Paris.

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