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Koloman Moser Designing Modern Vienna 1897–1907

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$ 75.00 | £ 55.00

Hardcover, Linen with jacket ISBN: 978-3-7913-5294-7

Date of publication:
US May 23, 2013
UK May 23, 2013
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Tracing the career of Koloman Moser, one of the most influential figures in 20th-century design, this stunning book focuses on Moser’s accomplishments in the decorative arts.

During his short career, Koloman Moser became a towering figure in Viennese culture. His varied work in interior and graphic design, furniture, textiles, jewelry, metalwork, glass, and earthenware helped usher in the modern era. This book surveys the entirety of Moser’s oeuvre. It examines his work as a graphic designer and his involvement with the Vienna Secession, with special focus given to his role as an illustrator for the journal Ver Sacrum (Sacred Spring). Moser’s forays into textile design and ceramic work are also introduced. The book features his designs for the Vienna Secession, Thonet Brothers, and the Mautner family, among others that characterize his early modern style. The book also explores Moser’s seminal role as a founding member of the Vienna Workshops, along with architect Josef Hoffmann and patron Fritz Waerndorfer. Included are many reproductions of Moser’s masterpieces, including the window of the Steinhof Chapel, his exhibition posters, postage stamps and currency, and elegant examples from his design portfolio, “The Source.”

Christian Witt-Dörring (Editor, Contributions)

Dr. Christian Witt-Dörring is a distinguished scholar in the field of Decorative Arts (with a specialization in the history of furniture and of the interior, mainly in the 19th and 20th century) and the Neue Galerie Curator of Decorative Arts. He is author of numberous books, including Josef Hoffmann Interiors: 1902–1913 (by Prestel).

Janis Staggs (Contributions)

JANIS STAGGS is Director of Curatorial and Manager of Publications at the Neue Galerie New York and author of Wiener Werkstätte Jewelry.

With a foreword from Renée Price
With contributions from Christian Witt-Dörring, Angela Völker, Janis Staggs, Ernst Ploil, Elisabeth Schmuttermeier, Rainald Franz
Preface from Ronald S. Lauder

Hardcover, Linen with jacket, 400 pages, 23,5 x 28,5 cm, 400 color illustrations, 70 b/w illustrations

ISBN: 978-3-7913-5294-7

$ 75.00 | £ 55.00

Publishing House: Prestel

Date of publication:
US May 23, 2013
UK May 23, 2013

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