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Perfect Likeness Photography & Composition

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$ 49.95 | £ 39.99

Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-7913-5319-7

Date of publication:
US July 01, 2015
UK August 01, 2015
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This book considers a fascinating paradigm in contemporary photography, and the many ways it engages many of today’s most important photographers.

Serious photographers have long been suspicious of images that are too beautiful, too “photogenic,” or too controlled. Recently, however, there has been a renewed interest in these questions, and in overtly composed images that go beyond simple representation. This volume collects compelling work by many artists working in this area, including Thomas Demand, Stan Douglas, Roe Ethridge, Peter Holzhauer, Barbara Probst, Jeff Wall, and Christopher Williams. Dozens of color reproductions show how these artists contend with the relationship between the world as they find it and the composed image through landscape, portraiture, and still life. Raising as many questions as it answers, this provocative book presents photography as a dynamic and compelling medium for both its practitioners and its audience.

Russell Ferguson (Author)

Russell Ferguson is Chair of the Department of Art at the University of California, Los Angeles, and adjunct curator at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. He is the co-author of Damage Control: Art and Destruction Since 1950 (DelMonico Books•Prestel).

Hardcover, 128 pages, 23,0 x 26,5 cm, 80 color illustrations

ISBN: 978-3-7913-5319-7

$ 49.95 | £ 39.99

Publishing House: Prestel

Date of publication:
US July 01, 2015
UK August 01, 2015

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