René Magritte

Now you see it - now you don't

René Magritte
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In his surrealist art, Magritte enables us to see everyday objects from a new angle: nothing he depicts turns out quite the way we expect. A stone floats weightlessly in the air, a landscape dissolves into fragments, a seagull wears a dress made of summer clouds, and a locomotive steams out of the fireplace.

This fun, informative, and eye-catching book introduces children to Magritte’s crazy, topsy-turvy world full of riddles and secrets, and to the concept of viewing ordinary things from an extraordinary perspective. This colorful book is a perfect introduction to the Belgian painter’s works, ideal for children with inquisitive minds and unbridled imaginations.

Hardcover, 28 pages, 24,0 x 28,0 cm, 29 color illustrations, 9 b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-1873-8
US April 12, 1998
UK February 12, 1998
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