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Fingerprints Let’s Make Art with Everyday Things

Recommended age group: 5 +

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$ 12.95 | £ 8.99

Paperback ISBN: 978-3-7913-7142-9

Date of publication:
US October 14, 2013
UK September 16, 2013
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This delightful art activity book will spark creativity and entertain kids of all ages.

This ingenious book shows how to make wonderful art with everyday objects—including the dreaded stalks of broccoli! The materials are simple: paint, a stamp pad and ink, scissors, a pen or pencil—and you’re ready to create beautiful works of art. Find out how to make all kinds of animals, a forest filled with birds, bees, butterflies, a car, a dragon, and a building. Put these prints together and you have a birthday card, a name tag, a place mat, or even a storybook. Playfully designed and written in an enthusiastic tone that will appeal to children as well as adults, this art activity book shows how art can be created from almost everything and provides hours of entertainment for every member of the family.

Julia Kaergel (Author)

Julia Kaergel studied design, illustration, and painting. She has published numerous books for children and adults, and designed book covers and games. Her books have been honored with the Schnabelsteher Preis by the city of Braunschweig, among other awards, and by a nomination for the Jugendliteraturpreis for Mimi, a picture book by Doris Dörrie.

Paperback, 96 pages, 28x24, 96 color illustrations

ISBN: 978-3-7913-7142-9

$ 12.95 | £ 8.99

Publishing House: Prestel

Date of publication:
US October 14, 2013
UK September 16, 2013

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