Giorgio Morandi

Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings, Etchings

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Now available in a sleek and nicely priced new format, this book reveals why Giorgio Morandi is considered one of the most accomplished painters of his generation.

Throughout his long career, Morandi focused on still lifes and landscapes that captured the simple beauty of light and form. While his contemporaries struggled with the intellectual turmoil and aesthetic experimentation of the twentieth century, Morandi remained faithful to the subjects that fascinated him most: bottles, vases, and jugs, and the view out his studio window in Bologna. This richly illustrated volume brings together more than one hundred of his most important works. Grouped according to technique - paintings, watercolors, drawings, and etchings - each aspect of his work is given thoughtful consideration by scholars who explore Morandi’s genius for composition, his serene palette, and his expertise as a draftsman.

Paperback, 168 pages, 19,5 x 24,0 cm, 66 color illustrations, 112 b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-3953-5
US April 25, 2008
UK February 25, 2008
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