Viviane Sassen Umbra

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This latest book by Viviane Sassen, one of the world’s most acclaimed photographers, explores the concept of shadow in a series of stunning images.

Based on an awardwinning exhibition, Viviane Sassen’s new book focuses on a common theme in her photographs: shadow. In this book she leads us through a series of thought-provoking takes on the concept—shadow as metaphor for anxiety and desire; as a symbol of both memory and hope for the future; and as an evocation of imagination and illusion. Sassen’s work is renowned for its deft interplay between realism and abstraction. Here that characteristic emerges in the dramatic use of light, shadow and color, as well as the adroit cropping of images and interventions on the prints. This lovely book brilliantly accentuates Sassen’s contrasting color schemes to reinforce the idea of shadow creating an enthralling tactile and visual experience.

Im Mittelpunkt stehen Bilder, auf denen Sassen mit Licht und Schatten spielt - und damit Emotionen einfängt: Angst und Begehren, Erinnerung und Erwartung, Phantasie und Illusion.

St. Galler Tagblatt (21. Januar 2016)

With photographs from Viviane Sassen
Paperback, with flaps, 196 pages, 26x35, 200 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-8160-2
US November 02, 2015
UK October 01, 2015
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