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Information regarding data protection and the use of person-related data by Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH (Data Protection Guidelines)

1. Your data
The law requires us, Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH (hereafter known as 'Random House'), to inform you as a participant in our competitions and/ or as a user of our newsletter at the start of the participation procedure as to the form, extent and purpose of the compilation, processing and use of your person-related data.
Random House aims to treat and to use your person-related data sparingly, confidentially and correctly. Person-related data include all the information about a specific or ascertainable person, including for example your name, your address, e-mail address, telephone number and date of birth.

2. Processing, use and disclosure of your data

2.1 Information which you supply in a competition will result on your person-related data being stored by Random House. The data will be used and stored in the first instance for the determination and contacting of the winners.

2.2 If within the framework of your participation in a competition you expressly declare your consent by clicking the field with the heading 'Data Protection Statement', your person-related data can be used over and above the purpose listed under 2.1. above for advertising and marketing purposes and within this framework in particular to supply you with information by means of electronic mail, i.e. to your e-mail address, about new products or special offers as well as other advertising information (e.g. concerning further competitions, newsletters) by Random House and/ or the prize sponsors or other companies advertising on the competition platform within the framework of the competition in question (hereafter known as 'co-operation partners').

2.3 Your person-related data will be stored, used and applied for the purposes defined under section 2.1. and 2.2. within Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH and by companies and subsidiaries associated with the publishing group at home and abroad, inasmuch as these adhere to guidelines which offer at least as much protection as this data protection statement.
In addition, Random House may delegate in part to third parties the services necessary for the execution of the competition, especially in the field of IT security and system control, within the framework of market research and for the drawing up of customer profiles as well as the administration of the competition procedures/ lottery. You hereby agree that Random House may disclose and transfer your data to third parties, especially to co-operation partners of Random House, and may allow them to process it for this purpose.

2.4 Random House shall disclose your person-related data over and above this application to third parties only when this is legally provided for and/ or permitted, especially when it is necessary for the general prosecution of the law, in order to prevent an incorrect participation in competitions in contravention of the General Terms and Conditions. In such cases Random House may be obliged to disclose your data, for example to law-enforcement agencies or a co-operation partner who has suffered damage.

2.5 In addition your data will be disclosed to third parties if Random House commissions service companies with the execution or processing within the framework of the competitions or with the supply of such services as may be required within the framework of the competitions, inasmuch as these companies require the data for the execution of their tasks. Under such circumstances the data will be treated as highly confidential and only disclosed to the service partner in question to the degree required and stored by him only for the purposes of the execution of the service in question.

3. Erasure and alteration of your person-related data

3.1 You have a right to information and a right to have your person-related data corrected, blocked or erased. You can revoke at all times your consent given to Random House with regard to the general or purpose-related use of your person-related data. In such a case we shall immediately erase your data from our database. You can also demand changes or corrections to your data. Simply send an e-mail to: or apply by post to Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH, Neumarkter Strasse 28, 81763 Munich, Germany.
All Random House newsletters also contain instructions for cancelling your subscription. If requested to do so, we shall confirm the cancellation and the erasure of your data by e-mail. If the cancellation and subsequent erasure of the data occur before the end of the competition, then your participation in the competition will also be cancelled.

3.2 Cookies
Cookies are identification marks which are stored on the user’s hard disk. They contain information regarding the user. The use of a cookie is not linked in any way with your personal information as listed on the website. If you accept a cookie from our website, for example, you will not have to register yourself separately every time you visit it. If you wish to de-activate this function you must simply de-activate a corresponding link on your account. If you reject cookies from the outset you can nonetheless still use our website.

4. Changes to the data protection guidelines
If these data protection guidelines are changed we shall indicate the change in advance on the competition website in question as well as in appropriate places.

5. Security and validity
Random House takes appropriate measures to protect your person-related data from loss, falsification, manipulation and unauthorised access by third parties to whom Random House has not disclosed the data with your consent. Random House processes your data in accordance with the requirements of the data protection laws which are valid and applicable within the Federal Republic of Germany. It observes the boundaries drawn up by data protection and competition law.
The validity of this data protection statement is limited to the competition platforms and websites of Verlagsgruppe Random House. These may contain links to other companies, e.g. advertising partners, which are not covered by the present data protection statement.


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