The Big Book of Everything You Need to Get the Job Done

With illustrations from Maria Suarez Inclán
$ 14.95| £ 10.99 (* recommended retail price)

Explore diverse professions in this playful children’s book that charts all the tools of the trade you need for a variety of careers.

Children love to group, name, identify, and discover, which is the perfect way to explore vast topics, such as the jobs people do. Filled with hundreds of meticulously and stylishly rendered items, this book takes a fun approach to a serious subject. Each spread is ingeniously populated with objects that pertain to a different career: from musician, astronaut, and doctor, to builder, chef, and gardener. The artwork will keep young readers occupied and entertained for hours. Best of all, it will encourage endless discussion about the many unique and interesting things people need to get their jobs done.

Original Title: Knolling
Originally published by: Mosquito
With illustrations from Maria Suarez Inclán
Hardcover, 32 pages, 23x32, 32 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7913-7404-8
US October 22, 2019
UK October 03, 2019
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Maria Suarez Inclán is a Spanish-born art director and graphic designer based in London.

Maria Suarez Inclán