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The Cat and the Bird A Children's Book Inspired by Paul Klee

Recommended age group: 4 +

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$ 14.95* | £ 10.99*
(* recommended retail price)

Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-7913-7099-6

Date of publication:
US April 30, 2012
UK March 31, 2012
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A treasured painting by Paul Klee is the basis for this whimsical tale about a cat and a bird, and about the themes of freedom and friendship.

A cat lives in a house filled with toys, but every day she dreams of being free like the bird she watches through the window. Finally, with the bird’s help, she is able to escape and dance on the roofs of the city by moonlight. This lovely story unfolds in a series of playful, brilliantly colored illustrations based on the artist Paul Klee’s work. Influenced by the artist’s bright palette and use of shapes and line, the book culminates in a dazzling reproduction of Klee’s Cat and Bird. Accompanied by information about the artist and this iconic painting, the book invites appreciation of the unfettered joyfulness that makes Klee one of the most universally loved artists of all time.

Géraldine Elschner (Author)

Géraldine Elschner is the author of numerous books including "The Cat and the Bird" and "Where is the Frog" (both by Prestel). She lives in Heidelberg. ZAÜ is a French illustrator, born 1943 in Rennes.

Original Title: Le chat et l'oiseau. Paul Klee
Originally published by: l'elan vert

Hardcover, 32 pages, 24x32, 32 color illustrations

ISBN: 978-3-7913-7099-6

$ 14.95* | £ 10.99* (* recommended retail price)

Publishing House: Prestel

Date of publication:
US April 30, 2012
UK March 31, 2012

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